Catching up with Brianna & Makaila: On life, horses and every moment in between

Apr 4, 2022 | Articles | 0 comments

Get to know our PL Sponsored sister duo, Brianna and Makaila Pecanac as we chat about their horses, managing competing with a busy schedule and their 2022 competition goals.

What disciplines do you currently compete in? 

M: Showjumping 

B: Dressage 

What’s your favourite aspects about that discipline? 

M: What I like best about showjumping is that it is not a judged discipline, but rather focuses on the skills of both horse and rider as a team.

B: My favourite aspect of dressage is the level of detail involved in each individual movement, and the aim to ‘perfect’ each movement becomes very rewarding. 

What horses do you currently have in work?

M: My current horse in work is my Andalusian x Thoroughbred, BHM Black Galliano (aka Gally) who is measured at a height of 16.1hh.

B: Currently in work is my 15hh New Forest Pony, Habafeild Peregrine (Smithy) 

Do they have any quirks or funny traits?

M: To say Gally was a 2* Eventer he finds poles on the ground rather daunting. 

B: Smithy can be rather opinionated, and likes to think that he knows better. For a small horse he definitely has loads of personality ( I think he believes he is a 17hh warmblood ). 

Who are you currently training with? 

M: I’m currently training with Jessica Hayden (Hayden Equestrian)

B: I currently train with Sue Hearn (Golden Vale Equestrian)

Describe a typical day for each of you & how do you manage to fit in work, study and riding?

M: My typical day begins with an early morning (5:15am) start to get to the gym. Following that, I return home, feed the ponies, and then go to school. I get home around 4:30 p.m., ride, and make sure the ponies are all set for the night. Finishing up with any due assessments/homework for the week… Repeat!

B: My day starts at 5:30, my first job is feeding and mucking out stables, then I go to my second job which is pretty much the same. I then come home and ride, followed by going to the gym. To then finish off the day looking after my ponies. 

I have taken a gap year to focus on riding before starting my university degree next year. 

What are your expectations for the 2022 competition season? 

M: Because due to COVID and weather, just getting a few events this year would be a tremendous start. Competing at a competitive 105m level, with the goal of finishing the year at Willinga Park.

B: For the 2022 competition season my goal is to move up to Advanced with the aim to compete in a Prix St George test at the end of the year. 

Describe your long term equestrian goals? 

M: One of my long term goals would be to move up to the higher levels in showjumping.  

B: A big long term goal of mine to to ride a Grand Prix test 

What are 3 essential items packed in your tack box for every show? Bridle, saddle and riding boots.

M: Saddle, sugar cubes and bridle 

B: Sugar cubes, fly spray and leather wipes

Do you have a favourite Penelope Store Australia Product? 

M: I have a lot of Penelope Store Australia favourites. My PL Show Jacket is my all-time favourite. It’s my go-to since it’s a fantastic design that fits well and is very comfortable.

B: Definitely the Mafuji water repellent jacket 

Do you have a routine/any superstitions before a competition? 

M: Before any competition I like to lay out a schedule of my times as I don’t like to rush or run late. 

B: I have a selection of lucky socks that I only wear at competitions … I also have a pair of unlucky socks that are never worn at competitions. 

Do you have a favourite quote or saying? 

M: A saying that seems to play a part in all my competitions is “Just do it”. 

B: My favourite quote would have to be “Just wing it”

What is your favourite competition or location to compete at? 

M: Sydney International Equestrian Centre 

B: Bowral Dressage 

When you’re not riding what do you get up to? 

M: When I’m not riding, I’m usually studying or completing the week’s schoolwork. Attending the gym 4-5 times a week, completing the usual chores on our family’s property, and maintaining some social life.

B: When I am not riding or working I spend most of my time working on the family property and spending some time with some close friends from school.