Catching up with Alexandra Inglis

May 3, 2022 | Articles | 0 comments

What horses are currently on your showjumping team, do you have any exciting young horses coming through?

Yes I do! I have 2 young horses coming through, Genera Affogato, a 5 year old mudslide x Cassiago and a 4 year old Pier Gynt Park Navigator. Both are paints which is my absolute favourite colouring on a horse. I have a special place in my heart for Aries as she has the kindest personality and is very cheeky.

Who are you currently training with? 

I am training with Emma Smith, I have been with Emma for the last 7 years and have enjoyed every second and am forever grateful for everything she has taught me.

Describe a typical day for you & how do you manage to fit in school and riding?

A normal day would start with feeding the ponies at 6:40am. I then finish up there around 7:20 and get ready to start school. After school it’s a bit crazy. I’m very lucky to have my mum who works 3 of my 4 a day, normally keeping them well schooled on the flat. I will ride whoever is left over, which normally is one of my girls, Baby or Aries. Then feeding up and getting as much homework done as possible.

Photo Credit: Allira Fontana Photography

You’ve had a great start to the year! What has been your favourite moment so far? 

I’ve been very lucky this year as there have been many highlights. Definitely coming 3rd at magic millions was a huge moment as it was my third ever show on baby and it really was not expected. Jumping with the stars was also a great show baby coming home, winning all three rounds of the open 120cm championship (and our first rug together) which was super exciting. Getting two 2nd place ribbons at the easter show was also super exciting and a dream.

Does Babybel have any quirks or funny traits?

Miss Baby does have many quirks, she’s not exactly what I would describe as a huggable horse, but I love pushing her buttons. She is a very powerful horse to ride, lots of sass and will throw in a buck when she is feeling it! But overall she is an angel (in my eyes). 

What are your expectations for the 2022 competition season? 

I always go into the season with goals of specific placings, no extra pressure is needed! But keeping the ponies sound and healthy is always on the top of our minds. I was praying for a full season at least after the last few years of covid! 

Describe your long term equestrian goals?

I have always dreamed of competing at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, and finally this year I was able to have the opportunity. It felt like a huge victory no matter what ribbons we won. Another goal for this year will be Australian titles Juniors which i’m super excited about. In the longer term I am aiming for young riders, maybe with babybel or maybe with another horse. 

Photo Credit: Allira Fontana Photography

How have you been able to successfully develop a partnership with your main super star Diamond B Babybel? 

I think the biggest thing is gaining a relationship on the ground and getting to know what they are like as a horse. Everything you put into a horse on the ground will translate under saddle, so I’ve spent a long time grooming and hand grazing her. She loves her treats and definitely gets spoilt with those, so those were a great starting point. 

What are 3 essential items packed in your tack box for every show? 

Treats are a number one item as our horses go absolutely crazy for them. My ring bag is super important as it saves so many sprints back to the truck last minute before a class. Lastly my grooming gear is a must as I love giving each horse a good groom before anything else.  

Do you have a favourite Penelope Store Australia Product?

I do! The PL crystal bonnet is my absolute favourite thing ever for the ponies. For me, I love the waterproof ugg boots, and all my show jackets!

How do you overcome challenges you face within the sport? 

There are times when your horses are not going the way you want, this is best for you to take a minute and breathe. Horses don’t ever do things to make you angry, they don’t understand our emotions and don’t want to. Sometimes the best thing to do if you have gone months with no progress with your horse is to turn them out for a week or two. Giving each other a break is always good and worthwhile. That doesn’t mean you don’t see them however, you should still come in to groom them and spend time with them.

What are the 3 essential items you bring to competitions? 

My show jackets are a must, not matter how hot im always wearing one to be respectful to the judge. Hairnets are very important to me as I love having my hair tucked away in the ring. My ear bonnet collection too, will forever be on the truck as I have a love affair with them. 

Do you have a routine/any superstitions before a competition?

I have never really gotten into superstitions! I believe you make your own luck in the ring…

Do you have a favourite quote or saying? 

“An angry horse trainer is no trainer at all, step away and breathe” best advice I’ve ever gotten!

What is your favourite competition or location to compete at? 

Stonewall is beautiful and I really love the surface.

When you’re not riding what do you get up to? 

I try to create a balance of spending time with my friends, school, and horses. I really love reading and would love to do more of it but currently I’m really struggling with the balance… but I still try to make time.