20 Questions with Shenae Lowings 

Jun 27, 2022 | Articles | 0 comments

Shenae and Bold Venture Winning the CCI 4* L at M3DE

Where are you currently based/ training with?

I’m based with Shane Rose at Bimbadeen Park. I also train with Prue Barrett.

Were horses always part of your life? 

Yes definitely. My parents both had a bit to do with horses throughout their life, which is where the interest came from. My pop was also a book-keeper at the races so I grew up at the races until I convinced my parents to take me to a riding school at the age of 7. Since then I have never stopped. 

Describe a typical day for you.

Start work at 6 am. Start with mucking out stables, then on our first racehorse at 7 am. Usually, I ride 10-15 race horses a morning, then straight onto the eventers. I ride 7-8 event horses a day, which include the 3 I own and the rest belong to Shane. They range from 4 star eventers to 3-year-olds. I try to be finished riding by 5 pm then help with clean up jobs to finish off the day. 

What horses are currently on your team, do you have any exciting young horses coming through? (paddock names and comp names) – 

Bold Venture (Bentley)- He is my top horse at the moment who is competing at 4* level. He is an 11-year-old OTT. 

Dotti- This is a lovely horse owned by Shane and Niki Rose. She is competing at 3* level.

SS Graphite (Smokey)- He is one of my most exciting up-and-coming eventers currently competing at 2* level.

Bold Cointreau (Cozzie)- He is my first home bred by Contendro 1. Cozzie is turning into a lovely horse with already wins to him name at 1* level. 

What are your expectations for the 2022 competition season?

To represent Australia at the World Equestrian Games in Pratoni (ITA) 2022. 

Describe your long-term equestrian goals? 

To win medals at the Olympics and World Equestrian Games and to compete in all the 5* around the world.

How have you been able to successfully develop a partnership with your main superstar Bold Venture (name)? 

I must say apart from the breaking insides of things and being taught to gallop around a race track, I have taught Bentley all he knows at this stage in his life. I have worked with him daily for the past 6 years and have travelled all around Australia together. He definitely knows hes the stable favourite and gets very spoilt!

Do you have any advice would you give to younger riders coming through the eventing grades at the moment? 

This is a sport that involves many highs but also unfortunately many lows, so you have to be resilient and always willing to improve. It is very hard work so love what you do and thrive to be the best you possibly can. Hard work does pay off. 

What are 3 essential items packed in your tack box for every show?

Purple shampoo, Baby oil, Champion tail spray.

Do you have a favourite Penelope Store Australia Product? !

There are so many but my ultimate favourite product at the moment would have to be the Waterproof ugg boots! They have saved my life in all this rain and cold weather. 

How do you overcome the challenges you face within the sport? 

Challenges are a drive to make me work harder. I always keep an open mindset so I can learn from every experience.

What are the 3 essential items you bring to competitions? 

I LOVE being prepped in Penelope so would have to be my Penelope Show Jacket, Penelope Saddle pads and my Penelope Bridle!

Do you have a routine/any superstitions before a competition? 

I love being organised, which especially involves my truck being organised before a competition. I do have a XC routine at major events, where I have a 30 minute sleep before going XC. This helps me wake up and be in the zone. 

What is your favourite aspect of the sport? 

The challenge of having to master all 3 different phases. The feeling of accomplishment when you get it all right is the drive to keep improving. I also love the strong community within the sport, having a strong network of supporters is very important. 

Greatest competition highlight? 

Winning the CCI4* Long at Melbourne International 3-day event in June 2022 on Bold Venture. 

What advice would you give your younger self? 

To take as many opportunities that come your way and to ride as many horses as possible on a daily basis to keep you sharp.

What is your favourite competition or location to compete at? 

Adelaide 3 day event as I love the location being right in the middle of the city.

When you’re not riding what do you get up to? 

Catch up with friends, as well as skiing and beaching. 

Photo credit: Kirsty Pasto